international Photographer sealey brandt

Specializing in Black & White 35mm Film

international Photographer sealey brandt

Specializing in Black & White 35mm Film

international Photographer sealey brandt

Specializing in Black & White 35mm Film


Are the most important thing in life. Capturing our family and particularly our children of them being real is vital to me in my imagery. I started photographing people, couples, families and children to help preserve those wonderful moments as we grow older like my Legendary father 'Brian Brandt - Photographer' did for me. They still adorn my walls as memories that can never be replaced.

I have specialised in using B/W film for more than 30 years and photographed over 1,500 families with it so that the print quality is exhibition quality (Silver Gelatin prints printed in the darkroom) from a negative that last generations. Digital available too and suited to certain jobs. To be discussed during your booking.

Whether you are young or older there is always someone that wants to remember you just the way you are. When choosing a photographer please choose them for their style of work and the quality of the end result. Preserve memories, not just make them.

Photography is captured history of your life, to love and treasure for generations to come.

Brian Brandt

from Siobhan and Family

Thank you soooo much... At last... I am surrounded now by our wonderful family prints and all of a sudden our living space feels so much more like a home. Even more wonderful than this is the fact that whenever we all move - all we have to do is hang these in our new space and we will be home! I love every single one of them and the fact that you have captured the true spirit of each of our children as well as our team is amazing.

The photos don't capture a moment but just capture a story. Hard to explain but just can't stop smiling. Thanks you so much for these treasures. I know for sure we will treasure them always. A real surprise for me was also the kid's reaction. They love them and were very proudly showing them off today to their friends. We have them in every room - so we all get to smile.

These times are so precious and now I have the photos to not only tell the story but 'live' it when I look in to each child's eyes.

To be honest so difficult to find the words. I have a life treasure and you gave that to us and the power in lifting us on a day to day basis and making us smile daily is priceless.

behind the scenes

The experience with Sealey

Every picture tells a story

This may be a corny story but it's so true. When I look at my favourite images it evokes a memory of that time in my life. telling a story in an image takes talent and a photographer that see's things differently. That's my gift and I hope to share it with you too!

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