The Introduction

Sealey Brandt has been Singapore Tatler’s most preferred portrait photographer six years running. She has been chosen by her clients as her photographic style is unique and it stands out from the crowd of photographers available today especially in the portrait world. She stands out because of her ability to draw out the real you in pictures. Her style of work is like no other family portrait work. She has the ability to see things differently and did into the soul of the person being photographed. "It's all about creating and capturing the moment. A moment in-between a moment that most family photographer's don't see" says Brandt.

People chose Sealey Brandt as she makes them feel ever so comfortable & natural in front of the camera. She makes people laugh, she makes people cry, she helps them be themselves. Her magic then steps in, and only Sealey presses the shutter when she feels and sees that special moment before her eyes through the lens of the camera. Capturing and creating the emotional spirit of people is Sealey Brandt’s talent, passion and goal in life so they show the real you.

The technical side of photography plays an equally important role. Lighting can make or break a picture. That takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to master, years in fact. Most photographers find it hard to marry the two, Sealey however is of the exception. Sealey was born into one of Australia’s most renowned family of photographers. Her late father Brian Brandt was Australia’s most iconic advertising photographer. She has learnt from the best and continues to learn. Her father also started a well-known photographic lab by the name of CPL for all professional photographers to process their film. Here, she learnt the process of developing and to print exhibition quality prints. Photography is in her blood, she loves it and it shows.

Sealey has also been chosen to exhibit her works throughout the world in places such as Milan, Paris, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. She literally has over one thousand collectors of her work. She is also a published photographer with one of the only large coffee table books specialising in children called ‘Beautiful Children of the world’.

What also makes Sealey a rarity in the world of photography how she approaches photography. She specialises in the Fine Art craft of photographing with Black & White 35mm film, & printing by hand in the dark room. Whilst this is her preferred medium, she also understands that digital may be required and is perfect for certain uses that need quick turnarounds.

When you commission Sealey Brandt you should know that you are hiring one of the best in the field of Portrait and Family Photography. She is the consummate professional from the start to the finish as is a perfectionist. I am sure you will enjoy the journey in this personal quest to get that ‘One great shot’ or perhaps more!

We hope to see you soon.

Sealey Brandt 


Based in Melbourne, St Kilda but happy to travel anywhere.

Singapore studio (near holland village) and available for home or location shoots in Singapore or nearby countries.

(Now that Covid has set us free again, Sealey will be in Singapore 3 to 4 times a year or is available with special trips by your request.)

Studio, home or location shoots available depending on the final results that you would like. Check with Sealey about what suits your family best.