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Book Your Exclusive Photoshoot at Peninsula Hot Springs with International Award Winning Photographer

Sealey Brandt .


This is the inspirational Davidson family that has created this most unique environment for all to enjoy. Thank you, Davidson family, you have made a difference to hundreds and thousands of people's lives by giving us the space to bathe in and wash all of our daily worries away.

About the Peninsula Hot Springs

The Peninsula Hot Springs is a very unique location on this planet and we are extremely fortunate to have it in Victoria. The passion behind this bathing heaven has been nothing short of incredible foresight and sheer persistence to constantly create the most incredible destination for bathing in the world.

The PHS now offers the opportunity to have your photos taken, something that has never been available before, and Sealey Brandt has been selected as the exclusive photographer for this occasion. Whether you are by yourself, with a significant other, your family or planning a proposal, we are fully equipped to capture all of your cherished moments.

get photographed by Asia's leading family photographer


Sealey Brandt


Sealey Brandt, Singapore Tatler's most preferred phtographer for six consecutive years, is the perfect portrait photographer to capture the essence of your family in an unforgettable and unique way. Her exceptional talent and distinct style set her apart from others. She has a remarkable ability to bring out the authenticity and soul of her subjects. With a keen eye for capturing those precious moments in between, Sealey creates portraits that go beyond mere pictures – each one tells its own story.

Trust Sealey Brandt to capture your family's special moments like no one else can.

The Experience with Sealey Brandt at Peninsula Hot Springs

You will have the pleasure of having Sealey Brandt capture photos of your family at the hot springs. The session will last for one to two hours and we will visit different locations within the hot springs. The final product will be stunning images in a delightful setting, captured by our very own exclusive photographer at Peninsula Hot Springs. Take a look below a recent shoot of the family whom creeated this wornderful location.

Gift a gift voucher for your friends or family!

The gift that keeps giving.

There’s nothing more satisfying than giving a gift that feeds the soul and is remembered for years to come. If you're anything like me, I love to give gifts and can sometimes take a long time to find. Here it is. It’s unique and memorable. Not like a hand bag that goes out of fashion, a beautiful wine that you drink and it is gone but something that last years and is appreciated on a daily basis, a gift that puts a smile on your face each time you look at it. A memory of that person or family on how they felt at the moment.

A photographic experience with Sealey Brandt Photography is no ordinary gift. It’s something that most only dream of, having that incredible shot that will be loved for many years to come. An experience to be photographed by world renowned photographer Sealey Brandt and the result being a memory for years to come.

If you would like to pay for a session and gift this gift voucher, please email Sealey directly as unfortunately this software is unable to generate it.

We hope to be a part of a beautiful gift that just keeps giving.