Why people choose sealey brandt photography

My response is always the same. Choose a photographer’s style that you love love love as this is a big day and a massive responsibility so let’s get it right… I have heard some horror stories. Don’t think about the money at this stage. Price is easily forgotten but quality is not and you want these beautiful images printed on archival papers, albums and kept for generations.

Do you feel connected to the feeling of the photographers images? Do they touch your heart and take you on a journey. They should have emotion, expression, feeling and show that they can photograph people that are not used to be photographed. Make you feel comfortable, sexy, fun, calm and gorgeous. Can they peel back the onions and make you feel that you’re not being photographed, if you get what I mean. I have never taken on or accepted a job unless I feel it’s right. Crazy I know but in the long run it’s very important. Next, the end result…..the quality of the prints, story books, framing and products. There are so many gimmicks out there that won’t last. Did you know that colour prints fade in time? Pending the paper sed and the quality of the ink and the expertise of the printer they may only last 10 years. For this reason I have specialised in Black and White film and darkroom printing only onto Silver Gelatin Prints. They are the role Royce of printing and I still have my parents wedding prints and the images my father took of me as a child which is why I specialise in photographing with B/W film.

As a photographer I put my heart and soul into everything I photograph and I’m always wearing my heart on my sleeve. Whether I photograph a wedding, a family portrait, couples, babies, maternity, grandparents or a CEO of a company I do my best. I take it very seriously yet having fun in my shoots is so important. People get nervous, even CEO’s so it’s up to me to make them feel great and relaxed. If you don’t have fun you won’t return. I still get a little nervous before a shoot which keeps me real and caring 100%.

As my father legendary photographer “Brian Brandt” used to say to me…..You’re only as good as your last job.