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Photography is all about observation and light. God gave us one light. Observe peoples expressions, their demeanour, their body language. Light changes by the second and it can change the mood. When I'm photographing people it's all about them, how they feel and the light.

This image was taken in Bali around 2007 of my son 'Cooper' and I. I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful photographer whom I hired for the day to follow us on his motor bike, in a taxi and on foot to capture the real us on holidays similar to how I photograph my clients. A documentary style. I have an entire collection of them printed and framed on my walls and there's not a day I regret spending the time, nor money to commission him. As memories fade I rely on images to ignite my mind. The smile on Cooper's face says it all. We still ride motorbikes and Cooper is currently restoring a 1960's postie bike. A passion we will always share. Thank god for the camera I say!