Sealey Brandt is a world renound photographer.
Her specialities are children and family portraits. OK, this sounds a bit dull. You’ve got images of corny, posed, traditional family pics – everyone in their best clothes complete with forced smiles.

Sealey doesn’t like taking that sort of picture. She wants to show the human side of the family. She captures the rare, real moments of people being themselves. She finds that point in time when the love a family has for one another is in their faces and their gestures.

Cameras take photographs, but it’s the people in front of and behind the lens that make a great picture. For Sealey the people are the most important part. Through her eye you see the beauty she sees in others. You see her fascination for people. Sealey enjoys inspiring her clients with her energy, inspiring them to share their passions, share their stories and show their love. She makes them feel comfortable and that’s when they show her those real, private and personal moments.
From Art Base

Kim Walker

Former President & CEO Asia of M&C Saatchi Asia 

Nowadays, through the wonders of technological wizardry, we can buy a digital camera, point and shoot to our hearts content and at least a few of the shots might be called a 'A nice pitcha.' Thanks to computers and Photoshop, we can even enhance some of those shots to become 'Really nice pitchas' but to capture a moment that will become a lasting memory requires something beyond technology. It needs a touch of magic. Sealey has that magic.

Deborah Thurley 

10,000 hours. I've been reading about this magic number ñ the number of mastery. It seems that every master in their field, from athletes to business tycoons, has put in at least 10,000 hours to become the best of the very best. So it didn't surprise me to learn that Sealey Brandt has racked up more than 10,000 hours doing what she does best ñ creating photography magic. Every photo she takes is a work of art; a study in the essence and personality of the children she photographs, and that's not something you do overnight. I am delighted beyond measure every time I glance at the photographs of our children, and Sealey, I just wanted you to know that you are not only an incredible photography artist, you are also a 10,000 hour master...the best of the very best. 


Sealey's work is fantastic. She has a remarkable ability to capture and reflect the essence of each member of our family. From the initial introductions, photo shoot, proofing, and on to the finished product Sealey was the consummate professional and artist and it was such a joy to work with her. We're truly grateful for the images she's captured for our family. I know we'll treasure them for generations. 


The pics are just beyond words! All my friends & relatives were just blown away! A couple of them asked for your contact :) I snapped a shot of the acrylic from my iPhone & posted on fb and I got so many positive responses of how beautiful Kate is. And of course, pls go ahead & use Kate photos on your website.


Dan and I want to thank you for your time and patience today while we viewed the beautiful photos you took of our family. Every day we get to see the faces and personalities of our children but to see them captured in photography is truly a gift - a gift of your incredible talent and a gift in the prints that we will treasure for a lifetime. I feel so bad that our appointment ran so far over but appreciate your giving us the time to make the best decision possible with so many outstanding choices. 


I just realised that I hadn't yet written to say we received the prints (and framed) and that we are gobsmacked! They have been receiving very good comments and of course everyone has asked where and who? Gosh my kids are beautiful (I am allowed to say that and do not think it is bias!). We loved working with you and thanks for bringing out the best in our children - even Dan and I look alright ha ha! 


Sealey, every time I see one of your photographs Im amazed at how you strip away with your camera till you get a shot like this- pure and luminous and lovely. You are one of the most talented people I know.


With the chaos of the move, I did not have the chance to let you know how much I ADOORE the acrylics. I see them each time I go up and down the stairs with my arms full of things to tidy up and I am each time in shock ! They are absolutely stunning ! I could not imagine that I would love them that much. Annaís eyes keep asking me a question which I can't really answer yet; Louis is smile touches my heart deeply and I am totally moved by Margauxís kindness.

 Thank you so so much. I can't wait to find the perfect spot to install them in Oxford. They will have to stay together. 

Siobhan and Family 

Thank you soooo much...

At last.. I am surrounded now by our wonderful family prints and all of a sudden our living space feels so much more like a home. Even more wonderful than this is the fact that whenever we all move - all we have to do is hang these in our new space and we will be home!

I love every single one of them and the fact that you have captured the true spirit of each of our children as well as our team is amazing.

The photos don't capture a moment but just capture a story. Hard to explain but just can't stop smiling.

Thanks you so much for these treasures. I know for sure we will treasure them always. A real surprise for me was also the kid's reaction. They love them and were very proudly showing them off today to their friends. We have them in every room - so we all get to smile.

These times are so precious and now I have the photos to not only tell the story but 'live' it when I look in to each child's eyes.

To be honest so difficult to find the words. I have a life treasure and you gave that to us and the power in lifting us on a day to day basis and making us smile daily is priceless.