Let's Start Your Journey

Now that you have decided to have Sealey photograph you, your family, your loved one or someone close to you. Don't worry about anything. We will have a great time. I promise to do my best to make you feel great and relaxed and often when you don't know it get the shots you least expect.

At Sealey Brandt Photography we love to be as prepared as possible so please spend the day before the shoot putting together outfits you would like to wear and bring some spare changes in case you'd like my advice. Stay away from patterns. I've had clients bring suitcases full of clothing as they feel a tad nervous if making the right and wrong decisions.

Get a great night's sleep and come to me with a clear mind feeling relaxed and happy. Leave the rest up to me. If you're running late, don't stress. I want everyone to have a great time so just relax and leave it up to me.

If you have any questions before making a booking with the form below, please email directly to sealey@sealeybrandt.com.