Susie and Ray

Ocean Grove, Australia.

Susie and Ray had chosen an incredible location for their wedding and I was thrilled to be commissioned to be the secret photographer on the day. Susie knew my documentary style photography and loved it so much that in addition to the other photographer shooting the colour more formal pictures she happily engaged me to document this meaningful day capturing all the little moments (and big) on the day. A dream client. Do your thing Sealey. Shoot as many rolls of film you like, capture the mood and with you eye please capture the moments as beautifully as you do. I didn’t take my eye out of the viewfinder and couldn’t stop looking for those moments that people either don’t see or don’t remember. The subtle things about the day that make your heart sign and to capture them as memories on film. I nailed it and 5 years later still love these images to bits. As I watch again and again they soothe my soul and bring joy to my heart.

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